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January 24
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Corpse Party OC design sketch by 13rinchan Corpse Party OC design sketch by 13rinchan
Why was she such a pain to color I don't even know. It's not like her design is complicated.and it's not like tried.e

I create OC's for shows that aren't mine to heal my heart. It helps.

Hmmm...I guess I'll go on and type up some info.

Name: Rhea Kindle

Gender: Female

Height and weight: 5'7", 121 pounds. (She's a tiny girl. weight wise I mean.) 

Age: 17

Status: Dead

School: I really don't know. Just some random co-ed school. (She's studying abroad by the way.)

Death story: Rhea ended up in Heavenly Host Elementary after doing the Sachiko Ever After charm with a friend. When they first arrived and found out they were lucky enough to be together in this situation they promised to not abandon each other so that their chances of discovering a way out would be greater. As they explore the school and learn more and more about it's gruesome past and the entirety of their reality, Rhea's friend and herself begin to lose hope. Rhea's friend(Her name is Ava Iesha. I haven't a design really since Rhea was kinda my main character.) gets it in her head that she can get out if she just gets rid of Rhea. Of course that's not true, but she ends up attacking Rhea with a knife she'd found on the body of one of the many dead students in the school.(The knife Ava picked up actually had an evil, manipulative spirit connected to it. Which is why she believed Rheas death would set her free.) Ava ultimately kills Rhea and soon she dies as well by the hands of Rheas spirit. Rhea becomes a spirit filled with rage from her own friends betrayal. Usually Rhea is seen as a pitch black spirit that almost seems to ooze a black substance and her eyes and aura glow red. (pictured to the right.) Occasionally she is seen emitting a light blue aura and she will almost look like herself aside from the multiple stab wounds, head wound, and the knife in her neck.(Pictured to the left) Rhea is only seen like this when she goes through periods of remorse for her dead friend and how she killed Ava with her own hands. These periods don't last long(cause she remembers very quickly that Ava betrayed her as well.) but when they do occur she's willing to help anyone lost and direct them to other time zones(they were called something different but it has done gone and slipped my mind...) Rhea typically kills a person using the knife jammed into her neck. 
Extra Ava is not an evil spirit at all. After her death she was released from her possession and is in constant remorse due to her deeds. Seeing Rhea wondering the school in such a state doesn't help at all. Ava  sometimes wonders if maybe she could just catch Rhea when she is going through one of her remorse periods if she could some how apologize and ease Rheas soul.

Weelllllllll that's all I got! Perhaps I'll design Ava another time.

It should go without saying, but I do not own Corpse Party in any way, shape, or form. I made this character to ease my heart a long time ago after watching an anime adaption of it.

CrazyBritishLover Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Holy shit that's some back story. I will do one on my ipod
13rinchan Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Betrayal is a scary thing vnv; 
I look forward to it! >v<
CrazyBritishLover Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
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